General Manager Tips

1. Create a team contact sheet that includes player name/parent name/ email/ cell phone
2. Most managers find it unnecessary to appoint a phone parent - most people live in a texting world anyways. Plan to text all your info and tell your parents of this intent. That includes all game reminders, clock worker reminders, etc. You'll have all the information anyways - so having a phone parent is pointless. If you're going to text the info to your phone parent - you may as well just send a group text.
3. Talk with your coach about when he'd like to have a first team meeting. At that meeting your coach will set out his expectations for the year and you'll need to find a volunteer for the following:
Parent Liason / Team Treasurer
4. Be sure to get clock workers organized for any HOME exhibition games. Just ask for volunteers at the first meeting. **Once the League schedule has been formed, you'll also need to organize volunteers to run the clock for all home games as well - typically another parent meeting is held once the schedule has been released. You can give parents a copy of all the games (home and away) and at that time, give a call for volunteers (it's really not an option - everyone needs to do their part) for home clock workers** A chart is handy for this type of organization.
5. Print off the Medical Form and Parent/Player Code of Conduct form (found above) for each player and have them ready for the first meeting as well.

6. You may need to book more exhibition games as well. The League has implemented a mandatory rule that each team MUST play a minimum of three (3) exhibition games before Oct 16, 2016. All games MUST be booked directly with Rick Dumont at the arena - call him between the hours of 8-4 pm, Mon-Fri, at (780) 523-4044 to book home games. Therefore, when you are dealing with another town manager to book a home game - tell them you will confirm the time with the arena staff and let them know of the official confirmation. You would then phone Rick to book the game and then call the manager back to confirm the game.
Also, as stated above, - let Valene Fisher know immediately of any home games you book - as she will need to apply on your behalf for a permit.
**NOTE: It's a good idea - about three to four days before the scheduled game - contact the team manager to confirm the game is still on.

Above all - good communication is important!! Don't be afraid to over-text or over-inform your parents - after all - it is your job to make sure they are aware of this information in the first place. Make sure they always know practice dates/times, game dates/times, meeting dates. It's a good idea to send out game reminder texts/emails prior to upcoming games!! Good communication is key!!

7. You have great communication tools available to you. Within the HPMHA website, you can utilize your own team page! You can put news there, game information, practice information - if you input email addresses of your parents here, they will receive all news and game information that you post on the website! Email to request your team username and password. If you need help navigating the website, do not hesitate to contact Valene Fisher at the above email address.
Also - feel free to created your own team Facebook page as an additional communication tool/resource.


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